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    Travel Accommodations and
    Local Transportation Information

    We understand that a lot of our students fly in just for our classes. Others students may use public transportation to get to class.

    We understand that this can be very hard to coordinate.

    We have created this page to help you stay organized.

    See you in class!

    Hotel Locator (please check the addresses)

    This site will locate some smaller, closer hotels that are in the area.

    Hotels and Cars

    This site will look up hotels and cars from many different providers

    Public Transportation Trip Planner

    This site will help you plan your trip using the Metro link transportation system.

    LAX (Los Angeles Airport)

    This site will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about LAX.

    LAX Terminal Lay Out and LAX Information

    This site will show you the layout of LAX which may make your trip a little more organized.

    Airline Baggage Fees and Restrictions
    This site tells you about the hidden fees for baggage and other baggage restrictions that may seriously increase your price for flying.
    Long Beach Airport

    This site is a small Long Beach airport that is close to our location.

    Long Beach Tours and Attractions
    This site will tell what to do for fun in Long Beach while you are here.
    Los Angeles Tours and Attractions
    This site will tell you what to do while your here in Los Angeles.
    Hospitals in Long Beach and Close to Long Beach
    This site allows you to research hospitals and jobs in the area. California is one of the best paying states for many of the medical fields. Reasearch employment and stay in California!
    Long Beach Memorial Employment
    This site will allow you to apply for a job at the Memorial Hospitals. Long Beach Memorial is 8 blocks and usually hiring.
    City of Long Beach Transportation Options

    This site will give a long list of transportation options such as bus, rail, cab, flat rate transportation options, Amtrak, Metro link, Greyhound, vans, shuttles, limousines, sedans and rental cars

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